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Gventure Communication is serving some of the world’s largest carriers of Global Voice Traffic. Some of them are world Top 10 wholesale carriers of the world. Our aggressive sales and technical support, flexible terms and quicker response time is the reason behind our continuous growth and bonding with them.

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A services strategy can help you:

  • We are using proven IP-based infrastructure and highly equipped back-office system to serve Fixed Carriers, Prepaid Calling Card Providers, Mobile Operators, and Voice over Broadband Providers, Wholesale VOIP Carriers, and that gives you the quality you expect from us.
  • If you are a Wholesale VoIP Carrier or Fixed Operator, Mobile Operator or Prepaid Calling Card Company, Voice over Broadband Operator or Call Shop Reseller or Call Shop Owner, we have a solution for your international voice need, please check our basic offerings.
  • If you do not find you are looking for from our products feel free to get in touch with us and we will work with you to deliver the product you need on voice domain.