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Prepaid Calling Card

Gventure Communication Softswitch & Calling Card: A New and Improved VoIP Switch

Our broad network of Tier 1 interconnects partners and interconnection points we tend to assure top quality of services across the world. We take millions minutes annually and have portfolio of services for International voice carriers to own peace of mind for their well-organized and economical want of worldwide traffic termination.Softswitch is application designed for doing as a management change which is used to handling the relationships at the link point of traditional Community Turned Phone System and VoIP systems. It is used for making a link by connecting PSTN to Internet Networks as well as monitoring the visitors. Gventure Communication Softswitch is one such application which is based on the SIP and completely suitable with the contemporary VoIP technological innovation.

VoIP Switch is designed for handling the all kinds of bundle method alerts. The today’s technological innovation has made Softswitch Software to work as a press entrance. Gventure Communication Smooth Switch provides a finish and innovative remedy for handling VoIP systems. It provides an whole variety of call-routing efficiency and service which is able to increase the efficiency and efficiency for not only small but big VoIP companies.

Gventure Communication Softswitch is a SIP Softswitch which functions as a operator that provides you one interface for several IP systems which is used for shifting end to end VoIP communications. This application let VoIP companies to provide continuous services with an incredibly low main expenditure which further reduced the working cost. The Gventure Communication also provides Softswitch along with the incorporated VoIP Payments and Contacting Card. The finish and enhance VoIP remedy is the main issue of this company.

This System Includes:

  • Softswitch
  • VoIp Billing
  • Calling Card System
  • Two day Remote Training Program
  • One month Remote support package