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Interconnect Request Service

An interconnect agreement is basically a business contract between telecommunications associations for the purpose of interconnecting their networks and exchanging telecommunications traffic. Interconnect agreements are found both in the public switched telephone network and the Internet.

In the public switched telephone network, an interconnect agreement constantly includes settlement fees based mostly on call source and destination, connection times and period, when these expenses do not cancel out between operators.

On the Internet, where the perception of a “call” is usually hard to define, Internet transit and settlement-free peering are ordinary forms of interconnection. A contract for interconnection within the net is typically known as a peering agreement.

Interconnect agreements are generally advanced written agreements, involving payment schemes and schedules, acceptable use policies, coordination of routing policies, technical standards, traffic balancing requirements, dispute resolution, coordination of network operations, etc. Legal and regulatory necessities are often an issue.
For instance, network operators might be forced by law to interconnect with their competitors.

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