About GVenture

Gventure Communication is International IP Telephony Carrier integrated into a Service Delivery Platform and private label Products. Now, Companies have a unique opportunity to grow their businesses with their own private label prepaid calling card or a co branded calling card.

Gventure Communication helps you take advantage of the international long distance market withcomprehensive retail prepaid services and a turnkey solution: from providing you with DID Numbers, Wholesale carrier management and service delivery platforms support to international call completion, reporting, and customer care.

Gventure Communication you get a single point of operation for your International voice business. According to Gventure Communication, this will ensure a consistent, stable, interoperable, reliable and secure working environment for your growing business.

  • Superior end-to-end user experience
  • Service quality
  • We set high standards while implementing Ease of use
  • User simplicity
  • Easy customization
  • Speed to market of new application services

Ideal for ISP,Distributors, retail merchants, and overseas carriers who want to provide high-quality global voice to their customers and utilize our efficiencies of scale and proven IP infrastructure without incurring the costs of technology migration and in-house worldwide voice operations.

Since Inception the main development trends of Gventure Communication has been a exclusively focused on fostering long-term relationships.

  • Developing fruitful relations with top-tiers of the VoIP Industry
  • Expanding co-operation with Telcos/local carriers from all over the world
  • Establishing co-operation with small/mid carriers in any country of the world
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure at multiple strategic locations- U.S, Africa, and Australia
  • Maximum ACD, ASR and minimum PDD ensures excellent voice quality to power tune your communication structure
  • Efficient, 24/7 technical support 365 days a year through online chat and email guarantees to deliver within 120 minutes turn around the fastest resolution to your queries

We follow a captive hybrid business model wherein Majority of our business operations is conducted from off-shore facilities in India giving us access to highly talented manpower at reasonable rates. This results in minimum turnaround time of 120 minutes, surpassing the industry average of around 180 minutes.